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Badminton Alley's stringing staff are highly experienced professionals with over 28 years of expertise in stringing badminton rackets. Our team has successfully provided stringing services at renowned retail stores and major badminton tournaments, including the Yonex Bay Area Open, Wilson Bay Area Open, Gosen Bay Area Open, Bay Area Junior Open, Berkeley Open, Cupertino Open, and various other prestigious events.

Our stringing service prices are based on the turnaround time and are listed below. Please note that the cost of the string itself is charged separately. Additionally, if there is a need to replace grommets (the plastic components that protect the string from the racket frame), an additional fee of $0.25 will be applied for each grommet replaced.

STRINGING LABOR COST (if string purchased from Badminton Alley):

$33.00 - Next Business Day + Cost of String
$23.00 - 3-5 Business Days + Cost of String

Optional Upgrade
** Use Customer String (+$3)


16 lbs - 20 lbs : Recreational
19 lbs - 23 lbs : Beginner
22 lbs - 26 lbs : Intermediate
25 lbs - 29 lbs : Advanced
27 lbs - 35 lbs : Professional

Yonex Nanogy 95 Badminton String


If you plan to ship your racket to us to be serviced, we recommend that you use a strong box and purchase an insurance coverage. The shipping cost to ship back the racket will be charged based on the carrier's rate (UPS or US Postal Service) -- please inquire the rate by providing the address where the racket will be shipped back. Lastly, by requesting our service, you are agreeing to our racket stringing service policy.

Please Ship Racket to address below:
Badminton Alley
Stringing Dept
1237 S. Mary Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

( Last updated Jan 1, 2024 )