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Yonex Power Cushion SHB-F1 MX (SHBF1MX) Metallic Blue Men Badminton Shoes

Yonex Power Cushion SHB-F1 MX (SHBF1MX) Metallic Blue Men Badminton Shoes
Yonex Power Cushion SHB-F1 MX (SHBF1MX) Metallic Blue Men Badminton Shoes
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List Price: $130.00
CLOSEOUT: $88.98
Featherweight Series
Limited Sizes Available
Product Type: SHOES
Product DID: MEN




The Yonex Power Cushion SHB-F1MX (SHBF1MX) Metallic Blue Men Badminton Shoes is the lightest men' shoes in Yonex history. The Feather series of Yonex shoes is the latest concept of performance shoes to reduce the weight and increase the speed of player movement while maintaining the comfort and support Yonex shoes known for.

The new upper part of the shoe is constructed out of only 5 sections, rather than the conventional 7 parts. This minimizes the number of overlapped areas and the requirement for heavy stitching. In some areas, stitching has been replaced by a hot glue which binds the sections together to reduce overall shoe weight. By reducing the area of the rubber outsole, YONEX has further reduced the weight of the shoe for even greater maneuverability and speed around the court.

Upper: P.U.Leather, Polyester Mesh, Tough Guard III
Midsole: Hyper msLite, Power Cushion, Solid E.V.A., Power Graphite Sheet.
Outsole: Rubber
Color: Metallic Blue

Power Cushion (3-Layer)
Hyper msLite
Round Sole
Power Graphite Lite
Syncro-Fit Insole
Hexagrip Sole
Double Russel Mesh
Tough Guard III

  • Hyper msLite - Hyper msLite is a further 10% lighter than the original high performance midsole and provides greater durability and comfort.
  • Syncro-Fit Insole - YONEX Syncro-Fit Insole allows a closer fit between shoe and foot, keeping power loss to an absolute minimum to achieve smoother movement and quicker footwork.
  • Power Cushion (3 Layers) - The hard top and bottom layers absorb 30% more shock than our original Power Cushion and provide 5% more repulsion for enhanced transfer of energy. The soft middle layer quickly returns to its original shape after receiving a shock load, converting the shock energy into power for fast and light footwork.
  • Power Cushion Insole FG - These grips prevent the foot slipping inside the shoe, establishing landing and reducing power loss during attack, which, in turn helps spring a player into their movement. Power Cushion Insole gives the feet more support inside the shoe so that lateral movement will not diminish power.
  • Tough Guard 3 - Three times stronger than ordinary synthetic leather and more resistant against heat for prolonged comfort and better performance.
  • Round Sole - The Yonex Round Sole provide a feeling of natural comfort underfoot while maximizing the transfer of body energy into movements around the court. Positioned at the side and heel to prevent landing on a 'un-even' edge, the Round Sole provides what top players look for in badminton shoes - design features that support quick and smooth footwork.
  • Hexagrip - For agile and stable footwork, the Hexagrip pattern provides 3% more grip and is 20% lighter than standard sole material.
  • Power Graphite Sheet - The 3D Graphite Sheet sole plate provides high stability and it cushions impact on landing.
  • Ergoshape - The Ergoshape's scientific contouring provides comfort and stability for the forefoot and toes.
  • Anti-twist System - The Yonex Anti-twist System around the heel adds rigidity that helps maintain the function and shape of the heel to prevent injury to the ankle.

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