Yonex BG-ABBT (BGABBT) AeroBite Boost Badminton String 10m/33ft

Yonex BG-ABBT (BGABBT) AeroBite Boost Badminton String 10m/33ft Gray Yellow
Yonex BG-ABBT (BGABBT) AeroBite Boost Badminton String 10m/33ft Gray Yellow
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Power, Spin, & Control
Hybrid Design
Product Type: STRING



Yonex AEROBITE line of hybrid strings is designed to deliver quick repulsion and stronger spin to help players dominate each point with sharp hairpin and cut shots. The new AEROBITE BOOST (BG-ABBT) minimizes energy loss at impact, allowing for powerful smashes.

Yonex AEROBITE BOOST (BG-ABBT) is a hybrid combo with alternating gauges and coatings on the Main (0.72mm) and Cross (0.61mm) strings. Specifically for hybrid stringing, AEROBITE BOOST (BG-ABBT) provides quick repulsion and high rotating spin for hairpins and cut smashes.

The main vertical string of AEROBITE BOOST utilizes two key materials to minimize the loss of energy so that the shuttle retains the energy of impact for explosive repulsion: Vectran(TM)*, a stretch-resistant super fiber more than twice as strong as nylon, and an oval-shaped filament in the outer designed to minimize deformation at impact. These mains, in combination with super-thin cross string AEROSONIC, increase shuttle spin and speed.

(*) Vectran(TM) is a trademark of KURARAY Co. Ltd.


  1. Transmit explosive power: VectranTM + oval-shaped filament (main string)

    Super fiber Vectran(TM), more than twice as strong as nylon, is wrapped surround the core filament of the main string to prevent stretching and to increase durability. Meanwhile, an oval-shaped filament, which deforms less at impact, is utilized in the outer wrapping. This combination reduces the loss of energy at impact, which is retained in the shuttlecock and transferred through the shot.

    A polyurethane coating applied to the mains increase friction so they bite the shuttlecock strongly and enhance hairpin shot performance with even a light touch.
  2. Less friction, super-thin string (cross string)

    AEROSONIC is used for a super-thin cross string. It reduces the friction between each string, resulting in greater shuttle spin by allowing the mains to quickly rebound to their original position.
  3. Hairpin and cut performance: innovative hybrid string theory

    Hairpins drop straight down as a result of mains that bite the shuttle with increased friction.

    Spin is achieved as the main strings return to their original position.
  • Gauge: Main (0.72mm / 22 gauge) / Cross (0.61mm / 22gauge)
  • Length: Main (5.5m / 18 feet) / Cross (5.0m / 16 feet)
  • Color: Gray / Yellow
  • Core: High-Intensity Multi-Filament Nylon, Super Fiber: Vectran(TM)(Mains ONLY)
  • Main Outer: Special Braided High Polymer Nylon Fiber - Polyurethane Coating
  • Cross Outer: Special Braided High Polymer Nylon Fibre - Oval Shaped
  • Made in Japan
  • ==================
  • Staff Rating
  • Power: 9
  • Touch: 8
  • Sound: 9
  • Control: 10
  • Durability: 8

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