Black Knight Vortex Radon Badminton Racket

Black Knight Vortex Radon Badminton Racket
Black Knight Vortex Radon Badminton Racket
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Designed for advanced to international level, the Black Knight Vortex Radon is a stiff badminton racket balanced towards the head, optimized for intense attacking games where power in smashes and depth of clears is critical. It is designed for powerful players, to complement and increase their power.

Today's badminton places extreme demands on badminton rackets – as the game steadily becomes faster and more powerful, players are demanding higher string tensions and placing increasing stresses on rackets. Extreme demands require the exceptional rackets of the Black Knight Vortex series.

The Vortex series combines today’s most advanced carbon materials with two structural features that are new to badminton:
- The Power Matrix externally reinforces the frame and acts as a spring to improve frame recovery following power shots such as smashes.
- Xtension Geometry architecture - a unique triple arch at the most stressed part of the frame, protecting the frame against high tension compression.

With the Vortex series badminton rackets, Black Knight has created a frame structure that resists compression and distortion due to high tension and high power play, and further increases racket response by reducing frame recovery time – the time that it takes a frame to return to its natural form after impact with a shuttle.


eXtreme Modulus Graphite (XMG) is a highly effective form of carbon-graphite rated above conventional High Modulus Graphite. In spite of the recent popularity of complementary materials such as Titanium, Beryllium and BrainWeave, the type and quality of the Graphite is the most important material factor in the features and performance of higher range rackets.

The nature and mix of the graphite fibres will determine strength, torque, flex, weight, vibration dampening and response. Some factors critical to the quality of the finished graphite product are:
-The quality of the raw graphite filaments;
-The treatment process (which immerses the graphite in an epoxy compound and converts the hair-like filaments into workable sheets);
-The mold design
-The lay up process
-The application of appropriate internal pressure and temperature during the curing process.

  • Level: Advanced / Professional
  • Type: Attacking / Aggressive
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Head: Square / Isometric
  • Weight: 89gm(3U-)
  • B.Pt: 7 (Head Heavy Balance)
  • ===============
  • Head: High Modulus Carbon Graphite, eXtreme Modulus Graphite (XMG)
  • Shaft: High Modulus Carbon Graphite, eXtreme Modulus Graphite (XMG)
  • Cover: Black Knight full racquet cover
  • String: Custom Strung

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