Yonex NanoRay Z-Speed (NRZS / NR-ZS) 2013 Badminton Racket

Yonex NanoRay Z-Speed (NRZS / NR-ZS) 2013 Badminton Racket
Yonex NanoRay Z-Speed (NRZS / NR-ZS) 2013 Badminton Racket
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Used by Carolina Martin World Champion 2015
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Yonex NanoRay Z-Speed (NRZS / NR-ZS) 2013 Badminton Racket

The Yonex NanoRay Z-Speed ( NRZS / NR-ZS ) 2013 badminton racket is designed from the ground up using specialized materials and technologies to increase the speed of players' shot. Using this new racket, Tan Boon Heong (Malaysia) recorded the fastest badminton hit, smash speed, for male at 493 km/h.

Implementing the latest technologies in aero-frame head construction, the Yonex NanoRay Z-Speed (NRZS) has one of the thinnest top head frame structure compared to other Yonex rackets for greater head swing speed, and thicker bottom frame structure of the head for maximum repulsion. Combined with their advanced technologies X-Fullerene on the shaft and Sonic Metal on the head frame, the combination of aero-frame design, weight distribution, and high-end materials allows the player produce fast and controlled swing that generates powerful, accurate, and rapid shots and, yet, recover in a flash incrasing the player's peformance and speed in a rally.

Yonex NanoRay Z-Speed (NRZS / NR-ZS) Snap Back Zone (SBZ) Using Aerodynamic and Elasticity to create powerful repulsion

The unique frame design of the NANORAY Z-SPEED means that the frame is thinner at the midway point at either side of the racquet head. At this point, EX-HMG, the most elastic and powerful material ever, is used within the frame, allowing it to flex on impact and repel the shuttle with explosive acceleration and devastating power.

Yonex NanoRay Z-Speed (NRZS / NR-ZS) Swing Speed Increased by 10% Every element of this racquet has been designed to increase swing speed.

A new frame cross section and ULTRA SLIM LONG SHAFT, together with cutting edge materials NANOMETRIC* and X-FULLERENE, make the NANORAY Z-SPEED the most aerodynamic racquet that YONEX has ever produced.

Yonex NanoRay Z-Speed (NRZS / NR-ZS) Head Frame Technology NANORAY's revolutionary frame design delivers a smooth swing and dynamic repulsion

NANORAY's frame serves two different purposes. The upper frame's aerodynamics reduces air resistance and the lower frames high level strength increases repulsion power. Plus, the shafts flexibility absorbs shock. This combined with a shaft that is design to absorb shock on impact for greater repulsion. The NANORAY frame is designed for the lightning fast shot making even with a compact swing during the high speed rallies.

Yonex NanoRay Z-Speed (NRZS / NR-ZS) Sonic Metal Technology Sonic Metal

SONIC METAL is an exceptionally strong, light weight and flexible new titanium alloy which YONEX positions at the top of the frame. This has two advantages. Firstly, it gives you a higher repulsion power, especially in attack. Secondly, it creates a clear strong sound when the shuttlecock is hit. This acoustic, combined with the dramatic increase in repulsion, will put your opponent under immediate pressure.

Yonex NanoRay Z-Speed (NRZS / NR-ZS) X-Fullerene Technology New shaft equipped with X-FULLERENE creates even greater repulsion power than the NANOSPEED series

Incorporating X-FULLERENE into the whole shaft strengthens binding force, increasing stiffness by 6% and repulsion power by 4%. This combination delivers high repulsion performance to hit deep into the opponent's court even with a compact swing during high speed rallies. Lightning fast shot-making with high repulsion is generated by near-instant 'snap back' from the shaft during the swing.

Yonex NanoRay Z-Speed Breaks the World Record for fastest hit
  • Level: Advance
  • Type: Offensive
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Head: Square/Isometric
  • Weight: 85-89gm(3U-)
  • B.Pt: 4 (Head Light / Even Balance)
  • ===============
  • Head: High Modulus (H.M.) Graphite, Sonic Metal, EX-HMG
  • Shaft: High Modulus (H.M.) Graphite, NanoMetric, X-Fullerene
  • Cover: Yonex Full Cover
  • String: Yonex BG-65 (Custom Strung) / Upgrade Available

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