Wilson Recon BLX 2010 Badminton Racket (WRT817110)

Wilson Recon BLX 2010 Badminton Racket (WRT817110)
Wilson Recon BLX 2010 Badminton Racket (WRT817110)
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The Recon BLX (WRT817110) is Wilson's most powerful singles badminton racket. The racket is an even toward head heavy balance racket with excellent control and feel. The Recon BLX badminton racket is an improvement in FEEL of the KFactor KRival badminton racket through the use of BLX. It is Sho Sasaki's racket of choice.

"Playing the Recon BLX for the first time, I realized how the perfect feel elevated my power and control on court," said 2011 Australian Grand Prix Singles Champion, Sho Sasaki of Japan. "Only with perfect feel you can control your game. My new racket allows me to play with razor-sharp precision and maximum power." With his new weapon, Wilson Recon BLX, Sho Sasaki has beaten World Champion Chen Jin of China during the Australian Open 2011 and Asian Badminton Championship of 2011.

BLX is the new Wilson racket technology engineered with BASALT fibers combining proprietary frame, grommet and grip technologies for THE PERFECT FEEL. BLX allows the manufacturer, in this case Wilson Sporting Goods, to fine tune the composition, geometry, grommets and grip of each racket to maximize the feel for each player type. All is left is for the stringer or retailer, e.g. Badminton Alley, to customize the right string and tension to meet the customer type of play. The addition of BASALT fibers to the graphite matrix filters out the unwanted, extreme frequencies that are uncomfortable and distracting from the pure sensation of the racket to achieve a cleaner feel at shuttlecock contact.

Australian 2011 Grand Prix Singles Champion, Sho Sasaki of Japan, using Wilson BLX Recon badminton racket

BLX 4 Frame Technologies
Linear: new and unique frame construction for better stability while the overall width and thickness can be reduced
Control Base: Special innovative hoop engineering design for maximum torsional stability
Dual Connect Top Cap: multi component construction providing IMMEDIATE racket feedback
Extended Power Shaft: new shaft engineering for more power and stability (previously known as Power Kick technology in the KFactor series)

Wilson BLX and KFactor 2010 badminton racket segementation

Wilson BLX Racket Technology
  • Level: Advance
  • Type: Head Heavy
  • Flex: Medium Stiff
  • Head: Square / Isometric
  • Weight: 89gm
  • B.Pt: 6 (Even toward Head Heavy Balance)
  • ===============
  • Head: [K]Factor nCoded Hyper Carbon with BLX
  • Shaft: [K]Factor nCoded Hyper Carbon with BLX, Extended Power Shaft / Power [K]ick
  • Cover: Wilson BLX Full Cover
  • String: Custom Strung with Yonex BG-65 badminton string. String upgrade is available.

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