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What I Highly suggest you should do with this Racq February 21, 2008
Reviewer: Mark from Tracy, CA United States  
I high suggest you don't just you this racket for just control. Cause your just wasting your time with this racket, It has so much to do once you put alot of power into this racket.

Ive Notice my cousin KARL, Using this racket and it was just basically a waste and time seeing him just not put power into his shots so please ppl. DO it for the POWER!

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Power, power and more power February 5, 2008
Reviewer: Mark from St Helens, UK  
I got one of these after using an AT800Off for a few months. In comparison, the 900P feels slightly heavier (despite both being 4U) and has slightly more head weight. The frame itself feels more substantial than the 800's - I string mine at 31 lbs without any problems.

Power-wise, the head weight, low kick and stiffness makes this, IMO, the most powerful 4U you can buy. The frame is extremely stable under power shots and communicates nicely with touch play.

Conversely, it is more difficult to defend with, but you do get used to it if you persevere.

I would characterise the 900P as a crossover racket between singles and men's doubles, and I play both with mine. It is a very high quality product which I recommend wholeheartedly.

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This is one of the best racquets i have ever used July 7, 2007
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from CA United States  
I have no idea what the rest of the people are talking about...I have had my share of racquets, and this is by far the best all around racquet. I have also have the 700, 800 offensive, 800 defensive...and an array of other racquets. Although I have heard great reviews of the 900 Technique. 900 power is a very good racquet, and very durable.

26 pounds with BG 65 strings.

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AT900 Power June 4, 2007
Reviewer: JOHN LU from RICHARDSON, TX United States  
Armortec 900 Power (Off) tested with BG70 at 23 lb.
Head heavy box frame makes less mobile. But it has solid control for drop shots and power for hard smashes. Box frame structure gives solid feel. It is a superior racket for offensive plays with constant heavy smashes and surprising drop shots.

**Performance will be determined by the combination of the racket, string type and string tension.

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A.T 900 POWER April 1, 2007
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from San Jose , CA United States  
I strung this racket at 24lbs, now it is probably around 22-23. This racket is pretty good for smashing, or offensive shot. Before this racket i used the Isometric 665 Light... my smashes wasn't as consistence, but when I use the 900 Power it is very consistence. For defense, I think it's pretty goods also. For me I can return smashes pretty well.

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  7 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
Solid Power and Stability March 27, 2007
Reviewer: David from Sunnyvale, CA  
After couple of week of testing, I notice one thing from both of the Armortec 900... Solid Feel and Stable.

The Armortec 900 Power gives the most power in comparison to the AT-900 Technique. However, since my main racket is the Armortec 700, I get tired much faster. Thus, the review of the AT-900 Power here will be based on the comparison of AT-700 and AT-900 Technique.

The AT-900 Power has an excellent control for smash and clear. Smashing hard at targeted area, I was able to get better precision in comparison to the AT-700. Drive shot was a little sluggish due to tired wrist. However, coaches that tested liked the feel of the control on the AT-900 Power and AT-900 Technqiue during the drive in comparison to the AT-700. The Technique was rated the best for drive out of the three (AT-900 Power, AT-900 Technique, and AT-700). For power, the AT-900 Power is the most powerful and the AT-900 Technique fall on 2nd place.

If I and the coaches were to rate the three rackets, below is our rating:

1. AT-900 Power
2. AT-900 Technique
3. AT-700

1. AT-900 Technique
2. AT-900 Power
3. AT-700

1. AT-700
2. AT-900 Technique
3. AT-900 Power

1. AT-700
2. AT-900 Technique
3. AT-900 Power

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