Carlton Razor V1.1 Badminton Racket (T113136)

Carlton Razor V1.1 Badminton Racket (T113136)
Carlton Razor V1.1 Badminton Racket (T113136)
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The new Carlton Razor V1.1 has been developed for advanced players with an offensive game. By shifting the balance point to make the racket head-heavy and stiffening up the shaft, the Razor V1.1 delivers a performance ideally suited for an offensive player. This set up delivers faster racket head speed and a more powerful stroke which is complimented with the sharp control and feel delivered by the Razor Guided Technology.

The Razor V1.1 is the second badminton racket in Carltons Razor line and incorporates all of the advanced technologies seen in the V1.0 but adapted to meet the needs of those seeking more power.

The Carton Razor V1.1 racket was carefully hand crafted to precise specifications by skilled craftsmen. Precision engineering and the use of the finest construction materials makes the frame able to accommodate 11% higher string tensions while the Bi-Axial Dynamics frame offers more efficient aerodynamics.

Razor Guided Technology softens the impact of the shuttle on the string bed to improve touch and feel, but not how its done conventionally. A grommetless construction at three and nine oclock ensures direct contact between the cross strings and the racket frame. This increased synergy between the two makes for razor sharp control and feedback without compromising power.


The Razor V1.1 has been developed for advanced players with an aggressive game. The balance point has been shifted, making the racket head-heavy, and this, along with the stiffened shaft, suits the more aggressive player. Thanks to the new Optimetric head geometry, the racket is more powerful, faster and easier to control with the impact of the shuttle on the string bed being softened by the Razor Guided Technology, which improves touch and feel.


Carltons research and development department has been closely studying the bio mechanics of the badminton swing. This extensive research has been driven with one vision: to create a frame that delivers aerodynamic efficiency at every phase of the overhead badminton swing.

Bio-mechanical analysis of the overhead badminton swing highlights two distinct aerodynamic directions evident during the swing phase. Air flow analysis during the swing phase also demonstrates the existence of two aerodynamic directions. The Bi-Axial Dynamics frame develops more efficient aerodynamics in both directions compared to competitor frames. During development, over 80% of players stated the new Bi-Axial frame profile delivered increased swing speed.

Sourced from Japan, Japanese Hi Modulus Carbon is the highest specification carbon available on the market ensuring your Carlton frame will outperform all other construction materials for frame response and stability

Xtreme tension frame precision engineering and the utilisation of the finest construction materials ensures your Carlton frame can accommodate up to 11% higher string tensions compared to competitor frames.

Using a matrix structure, Carlton has re-engineered the end cap to reduce its weight by 28% contributing to overall enhanced playability.

  • Level: Advanced
  • Type: Offensive
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Head: Isometric / Optimetric
  • Length: 670mm
  • Weight: 89gm
  • B.Pt: N/A (Head Heavy Balance)
  • ===============
  • Head: Bi-Axial Dynamics, Japanese High Modulus (HM) Carbon, Razor Guided Technology, Xtreme Tension Frame
  • Shaft: Japanese High Modulus (HM) Carbon
  • Cover: Carlton Full cover bag
  • String: Pre-Strung with Carlton Xelerate X67 performance string @ 22-23lbs by the manufacturer

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