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No sport makes more demands on the players athleticism and speed of reaction than badminton and no-one knows the subtleties of the game better than Carlton - the Worlds biggest specialist brand. Carlton dedication is reflected in a track record of innovation spanning over 50 years.

Whether in mid-flight for the definitive smash or poised for the killer drop, your speed of thought and movement define the success of your attacking play. Defensively too, the clear and lift necessitate minimum reaction time and maximum accuracy.

From the first time you play badminton you know that Speed is critical to your performance and success: Speed of shot, Speed of movement, Speed of reaction.

Carlton understand the nuances of the life and death duel that is the sport of Badminton and they alone know how to design the equipment which best enhance your speed of play. Carlton is the Specialist at Speed.

Carlton has long understood the varying requirements of individual badminton players. Using this extensive knowledge and expertise, in 2009, Carlton introduced the Carlton Badminton System. Comprised of a number of key components, this systemic approach to badminton equipment manufacture delivers scientifically validated improvements to your play ensuring you are a game ahead of the opposition.

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Carlton PowerBlade C300 Badminton Racket
Carlton PowerBlade C300 Badminton Racket
Our Price: $30.00
Sale Price: $17.95
Tough & Durable

Carlton PowerBlade C300 is a durable racket that has an oversize frame to provide larger sweet spot, hitting area. The racket comes pre-strung with a durable string around 20 lbs and a head cover to protect the racket head and string.

Carlton PowerBlade C500 Badminton Racket
Carlton PowerBlade C500 Badminton Racket
Our Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $34.95
Durable Performance Racket


The Carlton PowerBlade C500 is an excellent durable badminton racket that offers large sweet spot with its isometric/square shape, good balance and solid feel. The racket combined with Anti-Torsion technology, Carbon construction, Carlton Flex System™ and medium stiff shaft to provided superior power whilst retaining control. The PowerBlade C500 badminton racket provides excellent durability, control and power at an economical price. Highly recommended for beginners looking for a durable performance badminton racket.

Carlton Airblade Comp Ti Badminton Racquet
Carlton Airblade Comp Ti Badminton Racquet
Our Price: $39.95
Tough & Durable

Carlton Airblade Comp Ti is an excellent racket for recreational and beginner player. The racket made using single piece inner t-joint design. The racket shaft is made using Carbon Graphite and the head is made of aluminum. Carlton High Tension string is strung at around 20-21 lbs.

Carlton PowerBlade 4000 Badminton Racquet
Carlton PowerBlade 4000 Badminton Racquet
Our Price: $44.95
Lightweight Alloy
Tough & Durable
In Stock

Carlton PowerBlade 4000 badminton racket is lightweight and durable. It is an excellent racket for beginners who look for racket that is easy to play, good looking, and light. The Carlton PowerBlade 4000 badminton racket has an isometric / square head design to give larger hitting area. This large sweet-spot or hitting area on the PowerBlade 4000 helps beginners to make better shot when playing. The Carlton PowerBlade 4000 has durable frame and string for long lasting usage.

Carlton Airblade Lite Badminton Racquet
Carlton Airblade Lite Badminton Racquet
Our Price: $129.95
Lightweight Superb Control

A new design, the Airblade Lite weighs around 84 grams (4U) and features the world's most aerodynamic head and shaft profile which reduces drag and generates un-matched head speed and power for over head shots. The lightweight frame increases maneuverability to improve control and touch in defense and net play. A high performance racket designed for high-speed attack.

Carlton Vapour Trail Pure Badminton Racket (T113143)
Carlton Vapour Trail Pure Badminton Racket (T113143)
Our Price: $150.00
Super Sale $89.95
Excellent All Around Racket

The Vapour Trail Pure badminton racket is set up to have the lightest weight in the Vapour Trail range. This badminton racket has fantastic maneuverability making it an ideal choice for defensive players. Bi-Axial Dynamics and an Optimetric head shape mean that this manoeuvrability is coupled with the ability to deliver power on demand. The Carlton Vapour Trail Pure is an ideal badminton racket for an advanced player looking for superb all round qualities on a very light frame.

Carlton MegaFlex F2 Badminton Racquet
Carlton MegaFlex F2 Badminton Racquet
Our Price: $219.95
No Refunds or Exchanges

The new Megaflex F2 badminton racquet combines a finely tuned High Modulus triple taper frame for exceptional feel and the unique Megaflex 14% longer shaft for maximum power.

Carlton Airblade Tour Badminton Racket
Carlton Airblade Tour Badminton Racket
Our Price: $109.95
Power Racket

The Carlton Airlbade Tour badminton racket is an even-balanced racket design for all-around type of play. The Airblade Tour offers good defense and offense with superb control. Design with power and speed in mind, the Carlton Airblade Tour gives the best of both world to let its user play aggressive and defensive type of game.

Carlton Airblade Titanium Badminton Racket
Carlton Airblade Titanium Badminton Racket
Our Price: $109.95
Control Racket

The Carlton Airblade Titanium badminton racket has a medium stiff shaft and little-head heavy balance for more aggressive attacking player. The head area of the frame is strengthen by using Titanium Mesh on the 3 and 9 o'clock area for higher tension stringing and stability.

Carlton AirLite Cyclone Badminton Racket (T113451)
Carlton AirLite Cyclone Badminton Racket (T113451)
Our Price: $160.00
Sale Price: $109.95
Featherweight at 80 grams


The Carlton AirLite Cyclone badminton racket is designed for fast speed all around play. Weighing only 80 grams and having an even balance weight, the racket is fairly easy to maneuver and generate power.

Carlton equipment designs and technologies provide a "window" into the future of badminton equipment supply and 2010 is no exception. The launch of the Prototype concept frame signals the vision of Carlton Badminton and sets the brand apart from the competition. Softening the impact of the shuttle on the string bed to improve touch and feel has traditionally been delivered through softening the grommets within the frame. Tasked with improving control by over 50%, Carltons R & D Department threw away the rule book creating a revolutionary frame profile that will fundamentally change the future of badminton racket design - Razor Guided Technology was born. Revolutionary grommet-less construction at key points on the frame ensures direct contact between the cross strings and the racket frame. The increased synergy between the two racket elements ensures razor sharp racket control and feedback.

Carlton is one of the largest and well known brand in the badminton industry. The manufacturer is known for sponsoring world class players such as the world reknown legendary player Morten Frost, Eddy Choong, and Lim Swie King. With such highly regarded players, Carlton has worked hard to provide quality products for badminton players throughout the world, including champions listed below.

  • Eddy Choong of Malaysia (All England Champion)
  • Lim Swie King of Indonesia (All England Champion)
  • Morten Frost of Denmark (All England Champion)
  • Nora Perry of England (World Champion)
  • Mike Tredgett of England (All England Champion)
  • Peter Rasmussen of Denmark (World Champion)
  • Simon Archer of England (Olympic Medalist)
  • Nathan Robertson (Olympic Medalist)
  • Gail Emms
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