Black Knight SuperLight (SL) Photon XL Badminton Racket

Black Knight SuperLight (SL) Photon XL Badminton Racket
Black Knight SuperLight (SL) Photon XL Badminton Racket
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(Pre-Strung by the Manufacturer with Ashaway Power Gut at 22 lbs.)

Extremely light, the Photon XL accelerates reaction speed by up to 20%. The Power Channel groove enlarges the string surface without increasing head size, while the Vibra Plate Technology stiffens the head against torsion on impact and interrupts the transmission of shock through the frame to the handle. The result: an exceptionally solid hit with excellent control on off-center shots, and outstanding performance for power hitters. The Photon is the choice of national champions Mike Beres and Charmaine Reid.

The Photon XL adds 1 cm to the Photon without changing the weight, increasing the power of this already impressive racquet. The extra centimeter is in the handle, allowing players to comfortably shift to a shorter grip as needed.

Adding extra length in a lightweight badminton racket is the surest way to add power. The longer axis between the hand and the point of contact adds head speed, and that translates into more energy to the shuttle.

Traditionally, badminton rackets are built 66-66.5 cm in length. At Black Knight, you will find most of our full graphite rackets to be 67cm, with a few models available at 68cm for the maximum effect.

Many XL models also have long handles for players who change their grip position according to the shot being played

Black Knight's SuperLight series of rackets are built to accelerate and to react faster for you. With superlight nano carbon materials and a finely tuned distribution of weight and flex, these rackets seem to react faster than your thoughts, yet still deliver the power of much heavier rackets.

"Take the shuttle early" is a key to success in badminton - early means higher, often turning defense into attack; early means sooner which leaves an opponent unprepared and out of position; early means the faster reaction time and acceleration of a Black Knight SuperLight racket.


Carbon 4 is a highly effective form of carbon-graphite rated above conventional High Modulus Graphite. In spite of the recent popularity of complementary materials such as Titanium, Beryllium and BrainWeave, the type and quality of the Graphite is the most important material factor in the features and performance of higher range rackets.

Carbon SL is a strong, super light form of graphite (also known as "nano-carbon")used in special applications where high strength must be combined with light weight.

The nature and mix of the graphite fibres will determine strength, torque, flex, weight, vibration dampening and response. Some factors critical to the quality of the finished graphite product are:
-The quality of the raw graphite filaments;
-The treatment process (which immerses the graphite in an epoxy compound and converts the hair-like filaments into workable sheets);
-The mold design
-The lay up process
-The application of appropriate internal pressure and temperature during the curing process.

Would you like to have a more dynamic string bed, a larger sweet spot and better control near the frame, all without losing head speed?

Black Knight's innovative Power Channel concept delivers.

In badminton, a larger string surface means a wider and longer sweetspot and more liveliness in the strings. Yet if you enlarge the head you reduce the head speed. Thus our challenge - add more string area without enlarging the head.

The BK solution: with a Power Channel groove in the head, a racket delivers the best of both worlds ? the string surface becomes larger and more responsive, but the head size does not increase. The result: performance without penalties.

  • Level: Advanced
  • Type: All Around
  • Flex: Medium Flex
  • Head: Oval
  • Weight: 75gm(5U-)
  • B.Pt: 5 (Even Balance)
  • ===============
  • Head: High Modulus Carbon Graphite, Carbon 4 (C4), Carbon SL
  • Shaft: High Modulus Carbon Graphite, Carbon 4 (C4), Carbon SL
  • Cover: Black Knight full racquet cover
  • String: Pre-Strung by the Manufacturer with Ashaway Power Gut at 22 lbs. Custom Strung Upgrade is available.

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