Ashaway ZyMax 70 (0.70mm) Badminton String - Yellow

Ashaway ZyMax 70 (0.70mm) Badminton String - Yellow
Ashaway ZyMax 70 (0.70mm) Badminton String - Yellow
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Excellent Durability & Control
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ZyMax 70 is 0.70mm in diameter for maximum durability at high stringing tensions. The ZyWeave core prevents tension loss and provides maximum linear density and knot strenth in a 0.70mm string.

Ashaway Racket Strings has introduced the first string of its highly anticipated ZyMax line of badminton strings. ZyMax 70 makes maximum use of Ashaway's patented new ZyWeaVe core processing technology which produces thinner, stronger strings. According to Ashaway, ZyMax 70 is the strongest 0.70 mm string ever made. Designed to provide durability and responsiveness at all stringing tensions, ZyMax 70 is ideal for heavy hitters who want a micro-gauge string but need to maximize durability.

"ZyMax 70 is the workhorse of the new line," said Steve Crandall, Ashaway's VP of Marketing, "Power players typically use thicker strings to avoid breakage, and increase tension to improve control. But with ZyMax 70, they can get a thin string that is both durable and can handle high tensions. ZyMax 70 has performed well in play tests at 40.6 lbs in a special high tension frame."

Key to the performance of the ZyMax line is a combination of high-tech core and braid materials, and Ashaway's proprietary ZyWeaVe core process technology which allows the production of lighter, stronger badminton strings than any yet produced. The new ZyMax strings produce less elongation at professional stringing tensions and less creep. This means the strings maintain tension and consistent maximum performance throughout their playing life. In addition, ZyWeaVe technology allows Ashaway to make a string that can be strung at unusually high tensions.

Recommended to be strung at up to 35 lbs, ZyMax 70 is very durable and responsive across a range of stringing tensions. The ZyWeaVe core allows less elongation at all stringing tensions. As a result, ZyMax 70 strings up tighter and plays firmer with maximum tension stability. It maintains string tension longer and displays consistent maximum performance throughout the life of the string.

"ZyMax 70 is the strongest, most durable string of all the ZyMax models," said Crandall. "In blind tests recently conducted by the European Racquet Stringers Association among 25 top players, a majority rated ZyMax 70 either as good as, somewhat better, or much better than the current leading professional string."

  • Gauge: 0.70mm
  • Length: 10 Meter ( 33 Feet )
  • Color: Yellow
  • Made in USA
  • ==================
  • Staff Rating
  • Power: 3.5
  • Touch: 4
  • Durability: 5

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